Federal Credit Union

Phone Number: (708) 925-9500

Meet the Board

Frank LaCoco: Board Member - Manager / Treasurer

Marcelo Rosa: Board Member / Assistant Manager / Loan Committee

Tim Biocic: Board Member - Chairman of the Board
Harry Hollendoner: Board Member - Vice Chairman of the Board

Richard Richlik: Board Member - Secretary/M.S.R.
Dennis Rohe: Board Member - Chairman of the Supervisory Committee

Bob Damon: Board Member - Chairman of the Loan Committee 

Tim Murray: Board Member - Loan Committee

Matt Murray: Board Member - Delinquency Committee 

Supervisory Committee Members:
Dwyer Williams
Albert Velez

Member Service Representative II - Brittani Lis

Pre-Paid Debit Card

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Loan Application

You can now print a Loan Application HERE
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